Video mapping - MadMapper

1. WARNING! Be carful with tilting your projector sideways or with the lamp down. The bulb may get too hot. Do NOT cover ventilation. Investigate your projectors properties.

2. Turn off mirroring in computer settings.

3. Make sure your laptop screen is main screen in computer settings.

4. Open MadMapper

5. Enter fullscreen on projector from "Output" menu on top. Or by shortcuts: cmd + U / ctrl + U for full screen mode. cmd + T / ctrl + T to exit fullscreen. Remember cmd + T / ctrl + T to get out of full screen mode.

6. Start by highlighting the background to see what the projector covers. Output -> Highlight background (shift + cmd + B / shift + ctrl + B).

7. Add a quad.

8. Use button on top middle to adjust size and make it smaller than your object. Drag the quad down if you can't see the button. Or press the "-" (minus) button to zoom out view. Drag the quad to the middle of your object.

9. Use handles to adjust corners. Use arrow keys to do fine adjustments.

10. Repeat 7. to 9. for next object.